How To Grow Facebook Page Organically Without Paying Money-Bugre Roger Social

How To Grow Facebook Page Organically Without Paying Money-Bugre Roger Social

How I was able to build my facebook business page to over 9,000 likes without paying anything to Facebook or anyone--Over 227 New Likes This Week_Bugre Roger Social

Facebook as well all know is a business place and even though some people go there for fun whiles others like go goes there only to make money and provide value, Facebook has the potential to make you rich and make you popular but it would all take time until you are able to build a brand or a name on facebook, so it is very important to get lots of likes and engagements on Facebook.
When I started my facebook page Entrepreneur Mindset  I was happy until one day when I realized that the page was not growing at all meanwhile I followed all the tips that the pros said worked for them so I was confused and then I told my self-ok am going to experiment things out and see if I can make it work, from then I have seen consistent growth in my likes and engagements if you have time go to my facebook page and check through my post, you would see what am talking about.
These steps are from me and not from anyone else and am not promising that it would work for everybody but for some of you. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters because am planning to write my income report so those of you who are curious this is your opportunity.
What motivated me to write this post? today I was trying to make a video on facebook I mean live stream video to talk to people about how I was able to build my facebook page with paying facebook but the network was buffering me so I said then let me write about it and then share to every one of you to share this post to everyone and let us get the vision to people,

What Exactly Is Organic Reach On Facebook

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts as well as your Facebook page.
On the other hand, paid reach includes the people who see your content as a result of paid promotions. It is influenced by your Ad targeting options and can also impact organic reach.
But it’s not so simple.
How people engage with your content has a lot to do with reach.
Yet, with all the interactions that Facebook allows, organic reach fell by 52% in 2016.
1. Automate everything – It’s a social platform and your brand needs to have a human touch. Don’t just schedule your latest blog links and product updates. Post your team photos like Zappos.
Screen Shot 2017 07 01 at 4.02.12 PM
Social media marketing should show your funny or creative side like Nutella.
2. Only promote your products and services: Facebook is based on interest, not intent. Not every update you send out on your Facebook page should be promotional. Rather, 80% of your updates should be social. Otherwise, users won’t hesitate in clicking the unlike button on your page (it’s just a click away).
Approach your Facebook page from the mindset of building a community. Add value and start conversations with your audience.
It’s best to vary your posts to include different types of content:
  • Brand story posts
  • Authority building posts
  • Lead nurture posts
  • Personal posts
3. Cheat the Facebook ecosystem: Buying 5,000 likes for $5. Using clickbait headlines. Bombarding your fans with 10 poor-quality updates in an hour.
Screen Shot 2017 07 01 at 11.52.49 AM
It’s a sheer waste of time and money.
Facebook seriously cracks down on spammers. Stick with the Facebook code and stay in their good graces.
Not only that, these manipulative tactics add no real value to your business. In fact, they’re likely to hurt you.
AdExpresso conducted a paid like experiment where they posted an identical video on three of their fan pages. They then paid to boost each post.
The result?
The two pages where they bought likes saw zero engagement, even after Facebook had automatically deleted the likes that were paid for.
Step 3:  Fine tune your data and select only the metrics that you need
Not all of the data points will be useful.
You need to sift through them and choose the ones that make sense for you.
Here are the ones that are usually most telling:
  • Organic Reach
  • Engagement
  • Link Clicks
  • Number of people who gave negative feedback
Now that you’ve analyzed your organic reach, it’s time to make some improvements.


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